Law Is Everywhere? - An Activity Exciting Kids To Know The Law


Activity: Law Is Everywhere

Is it a challenge to sometimes truly see, think or understand that law is everywhere? 

Absolutely! Kids, and even, many adults have it hard to understand how law is all around us.


That's simply because, unless you go to law school, most people are never taught law. We are going to change that right here, right now! 

Let go on a classroom (or at-home) treasure hunt. Find the things, toys, gadgets or regular stuff you play with or use each and every day. How is law in that item.

Think About It...

Look at the picture & let's see what Eva finds:

(1) Two vehicles: car and train              

(2) Two animals from different environments: bear and goldfish

(3) Pieces of furniture made from wood: desk and chair

(4) A plant: flower

(5) A common gadget: computer

It's Your Turn Now

Let's look at each of the items. Are there laws telling us how to use, make, treat or interact with each of these things? Do you know what those laws are? If yes, do you follow those laws? If no, do you think you need to know those laws? What is the purpose of laws? 

This is just what Eva found. Look around right where you are now and find other people, places, or things making you explore how law is in everything. 

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