Kids Law Day 2018: Come Out And Play with The Little Lawyers

Kids Law Day 2018: Come Out And Play with The Little Lawyers


Kids Law Day is our way of giving back. We will be sponsoring an epic empowerment event in the heart of South Beach to inspire and excite the little lawyer in every kids. Get ready to be brilliant!

This is the first Annual Kids Law Day and The Little Lawyers will headline with our signature kids-focused materials from our award-winning monthly subscription plan. 

Bullying or Horseplay?

Bullying or Horseplay?

Horseplay or Bullying 101 for Kids

Does your kid know the difference between bullying and horseplay?

Summer Love-Law - Kids Activity

Summer Love-Law - Kids Activity

It's summer! Here is your first Love-Law Kids Activity and let us know how it goes @thelittlelawyers. ENJOY!

Pick A Storybook 

Select a storybook and read it aloud with your child(re). Then, let there creative juices flow. Have your child(ren) draw something that seemed fair or unfair in the story. For example, The Three Little Pigs might inspire kids to draw about what the wolf does or how the pigs homes are destroyed.


We talk to kids all over the country and they experience...

Brooke Is Being Bullied

Brooke Is Being Bullied

Your Feelings Are Important 

Brooke, thank you for sharing your important emotions about these sad moments in your life. You have a common issue spreading across our country.

The Law

We live in a nation of rights and responsibilities, one of law and order. Bullying is not who we are, and thus, there are laws to help protect you from it. In general, in most states students have a right to go to school that provides a welcoming environment for all students. This means you have a right not...

Friday the 13th

Teach Kids Law


It's Friday the thirteenth. The law only becomes a scary thing when you don't know it and you need too. Hence, if we make a conscious decision as parents, educator and human being who love children, we will eliminate that fear. It'a simple - teach kids law.

We can start early planting legal lingo, engaging kids in critical thinking, excite them with logic and debate, and empower them with a life-long understanding of law.

This is how we change the world - by creating young conscious citizens.