Summer Love-Law - Kids Activity

It's summer! Here is your first Love-Law Kids Activity and let us know how it goes @thelittlelawyers. ENJOY!

Pick A Storybook 

Select a storybook and read it aloud with your child(re). Then, let there creative juices flow. Have your child(ren) draw something that seemed fair or unfair in the story. For example, The Three Little Pigs might inspire kids to draw about what the wolf does or how the pigs homes are destroyed.


We talk to kids all over the country and they experience all types of bullying. They are experts about what is fair and unfair. But we often don't take time to investigate how they make those choices. Take a few minutes to chat with your child(ren) about how they determine what is fair and unfair. It might lead to a wonderful path of teachable moments.
As always, keep the door of conversation open so you are in the same book with your child(re), even if you are on different pages. This is an important moment in history and kids are leading the way one step at a time. Thank you for giving them the tools to strengthen their understanding and know that their voice has a place in the true America identity. 

Knowing is growing,


Max and Makayla,

The Little Lawyers

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For more on relational bullying click here.

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