About The Little Lawyers

About The Little Lawyers, the award winning curriculum empowering kids to know the law and their rights.

Who are The Little Lawyers?

Max and Eva are The Little Lawyers focused on inspiring and exciting the little lawyer in every kid. Presently, we service schools, homeschooling groups, after schools programs, and organizations looking to inject crucial hands-on legal literacy and engaging law curriculum into their classrooms and programs.

Are Max and Eva based on real kids?

Yes. The Little Lawyers are in the photo above. Allison Matulli, nicknamed Professor Ally by her beloved students, is their mom and is a lawyer, educator and writer. She has spent a decade empowering kids with law in private, charter, and public schools. Max and Eva inspired her to create The Little Lawyers to help kids feel empowered everywhere.

How do you come up with such awesome material to empower kids with the law?

The founder of The Little Lawyers is a mom first, who see the importance of making children conscious citizens. She took her passion, seasoned professions in law and education, and pure love of kids to create The Little Lawyers. As a graduate of the renowned Howard University School of Law, Professor Ally is empowering kids to know the law nationwide. As a seasoned educator at several independent schools, from Ransom Everglades in Miami to Friends Academy in New York, Professor Ally is a certified American Montessori Society member and is able to make law a hands-on engaging experience for all kids. With her team of lawyers, designers and educators, The Little Lawyers is craving out exciting adventures to excite the little lawyer in all kids!

Why is it important to excite kids to know the law?

Law is in every aspect of our life. It just takes a few minutes to plant vital seeds to grow our little lawyers with a deeper understand. Plus, a pinch of fun and a creativity approach makes, as one of our first little lawyers said - "AWESOME!"

How early should kids be exposed to learning the law?

The earlier the better. As a mom, the founder started planting seeds in the playful minds of her own young children, as she had done for her students for years. With the right tools from The Little Lawyers, you can too.

What fields of law are covered in the Empower Packages?

The Little Lawyers seeks to make kids aware of various fields of law including: (1) Immigration, (2) Environment, (3) Bullying, (4) Disabilities, (5) Free Speech, (6) Voting, (7) Anti-racism, (8) Inclusivity and Diversity, and much more. 

Is bullying laws and cases covered by The Little Lawyers?

Yes, it's the number one issue schools want kids to learn about. The Little Lawyers help kids to recognize various types of bullying, important legal issues facing kids today, and proactive strategies. In recent months, that has been coupled with anti-racism laws and cases. Our virtual courses are offer schools and organization a comprehensive support to empower faculty, staff, parents and kids on all of these vital topics.