About The Little Lawyers

Who are The Little Lawyers?

Max and Makayla are The Little Lawyers focused on inspiring and exciting the little lawyer in every kid.

How do you come up with such awesome material to empower kids with the law?

The founders of The Little Lawyers are moms first, who see the importance of making their children conscious citizens. They took that passion, seasoned professions in law and education, and pure love of kids to create The Little Lawyers. 

Why is it important to excite kids to know the law?

Law is in every aspect of our life. It just takes a few minutes to plant vital seeds to grow our little lawyers with a deeper understand. Plus, a pinch of fun and a creativity approach makes, as one of our first little lawyers said - "AWESOME!"

How early should kids be exposed to learning the law?

The earlier the better. As moms, the founders started planting seeds in the playful minds of their young children. With the right tools, you can too.

What fields of law are covered in the Power Packages?

Each plan includes the initial Power Package Kit arriving in the big blue box from Max and Makayla. Subsequent monthly will have various law theme kits to continue to engage, excite and empower every little lawyer. 

Sample future themes include Max and Makayla taking on these various fields of law: (1) Immigration, (2) Environment, (3) Bullying, (4) Disabilities, (5) Free Speech, (6) Voting, and much more. Each month is unique, and more so, will remain a surprise until received by each special little lawyer.

Is bullying covered in the Power Packages?

Yes, Max and Makayla will take your little lawyer on a journey on the types of bullying, how to recognize it, important legal issues facing kids today, and proactive strategies. 

Can I contact Max and Makayla in response to one of the challenging activities?

Yes, Max and Makayla would love to here from you. Email them at maxandmakayla@thelittlelawyers.com.

Are The Little Lawyers, Max and Makayla, available to visit our school, children's museum or theatre?

Yes! Beginning the Fall 2018, Max and Makayla will visit a school to kick off their #KINDNESSWIN CAMPAIGN. Also, look out for Max and Makayla giveaways and freebies.