About The Little Lawyers

Who are The Little Lawyers?

Why is it important to excite kids to know the law?

How early should kids be exposed to learning the law?

What fields of law are covered in the Power Packages?

Is bullying covered in the Power Packages?

How do you come up with such awesome material to empower kids with the law?

Can I contact Max & Eva in response to one of the challenging monthly activities?

Are the Little Lawyers, Max & Eva, available to visit our school, children's museum or theatre?


Managing My Plan / Subscription & Billing

(Plans will be available in 2022)

How does it work?

What are the subscription options?

Can I gift The Little Lawyers subscription to a wonderful child in my life?

What are the Power Packages (also known as Subscription Plans)?

Is there a Power Package with a cancel at-any-time policy?

When will I be billed?

If I have the Monthly Power Package, do I need to renew or redo my order every month?

If my Subscription Plan is going to end soon, how can I continue to receive new exciting Power Packages for my Little Lawyer?

How can I double-check when my subscription ends?

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Do you charge sales tax?

Can I use a current coupon code available to place my order?


Shipping To My Little Lawyer

How can my Little Lawyer easily identify when Max & Eva's special packages arrive? 

When will my package be shipped?

What address will my order be shipped to?

Can the first month be different than the following?

What to consider if I have not received my order?

How can I change the address for my shipment on future orders?


Other Little Lawyer Policies

What is your Privacy Policy?

What are your Terms Of Use?

What is your Cancellation Policy?